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ICG Announces Integration of Aerocom 1100 CTS with Ems Satcom’s Enfusion HSD-400

Dec.  10, 2007, Newport News, VA - Created to meet the communications needs of mid-size business jet owner/operators.

December 10, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

Dec.  10, 2007, Newport News, VA– International Communications Group (ICG) and EMS SATCOM, a division of EMS Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ELMG), announced today that they have completed the successful integration of the ICG AeroCom 1100 Cabin Telecommunications Unit (CTU) with EMS SATCOM’s eNfusion™ HSD-400 High-speed Data Terminal, the first commercially available SwiftBroadband approved terminal, and its HSD-440 Inmarsat-based high-speed data terminal.

“Owners and operators who already depend on ICG’s AeroCom 1100 CTU now have another choice for meeting their growing voice, data and fax communications needs,” explained Armin Jabs, President of ICG. “With the proven ability to integrate with EMS SATCOM’s high-speed data terminals, passengers aboard mid-size and larger business jets can now further benefit from high quality voice and data services over the Inmarsat network.”

“With the AeroCom 1100/EMS 400/440 system, it’s not just about capability but also about ease of operation,” Jabs added. “Even infrequent passengers will be familiar with the operation of this equipment. It pretty much works just like the phone system they have in their own offices.”

The AeroCom 1100 is an example of IGC’s continuing efforts to introduce new technologies into the aircraft cabin, while still maintaining the familiarity and ease of operation that users are accustomed to.


Like other members of IGC’s AeroCom family of products, the 1100 CTU delivers common PABX features such as conference calling, intercom calling, call transfer, executive over-ride, call queuing, voice prompts, least call routing, and more. The AeroCom 1100 CTU and the EMS SATCOM eNfusion™ high-speed data terminal permits up to eight 2-wire and two 4-wire telephony devices (handsets, data terminals or fax machines), access to up to 2-channels of voice/data/fax services provided via the HSD POTS interface.

EMS SATCOM’s eNfusion™ high-speed data terminals provide satellite-based voice and data broadband connectivity over Inmarsat networks.  The HSD-400 terminal is the first commercially available transceiver to receive SwiftBroadband approval from Inmarsat, and like all the members of the terminal family is upgradeable from Swift64 to SwiftBroadband.  The HSD-440 terminal provides high-speed data and safety services in one line replaceable unit.

“With the amazing range, comfort and efficiency of today’s mid-size business jets, operators continue to increase both the size of their passenger loads and the length of their trips,” Jabs said. “So now, more than ever, global connectivity for their teams is critically important. Integrating the AeroCom 1100 with the EMS SATCOM systems cost-effectively delivers the full-capability, ‘office in the sky’ connectivity today’s operators are looking for.”


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