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Latitude Technologies gets TC STC on Bombardier DHC-8 airframes

Feb. 8, 2012, Victoria, B.C. -  Latitude Technologies has announced that it has received a Transport Canada STC on the SkyNode S200 for Bombardier DHC-8 airframes.

February 8, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

“We are pleased that we received the STC for the DHC-8 airframes,” said Latitude Technologies president Mark Insley. “This STC gives Dash 8 operators a new option for voice and data management from the flight deck. The SkyNode S200 is the world’s lightest and most versatile integrated aeronautical communications device, and it is an ideal solution for the Dash 8.”

Approximately 660 DHC-8 aircraft are in operation around the world. The first DHC-8 aircraft began operating in the early 1980s. The Q400, the latest model, was developed in 2007 and now has more than 300 in operation. The aircraft is used by many regional commercial airlines.

“The technology we have today is no longer limited to just knowing where an operator’s aircraft is. It is also about knowing what is going on with the aircraft and being able to communicate with pilots in real time. Our WebSentinel flight following and data management service enables companies to maximize efficiencies through enhanced logistics, communications and operations,” said vice president of information services Tim Curtis.

The versatility of the SkyNode S200 system has allowed it to be used in firefighting, medical transport, search and rescue and law enforcement, and by private and commercial operators. Last fall North Cariboo Air awarded Latitude Technologies a contract to install the SkyNode S200 and IONode FDM system on its fleet of DHC-8 aircraft. Other Latitude Technologies’ clients flying DHC-8s include Era Aviation and Arctic Sunwest.



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