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Magellan 6-year agreement with Pratt & Whitney

Magellan Aerospace, headquartered in Mississauga, Ont., signed a six-year agreement with Pratt & Whitney to manufacture aluminum castings for the latter’s Next Generation Product Family (NGPF) of engines.

August 14, 2018  By Wings Staff

Magellan utilizes what it describes as the latest in advanced sand casting technologies

This family focuses on Pratt & Whitney’s GTF engine, with its unique – industry-changing – geared fan technology currently powering the Airbus A320neo, Airbus A220 (formerly known as Bombardier C-Series), Embraer E2 series and Mitsubishi MRJ aircraft.

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Under the new purchase agreement, the aluminum castings will be produced at Magellan’s facilities in Haley, Ont., and Glendale, Arizona. The agreement is expected to generate approximately $81 million in revenue for Magellan through 2023.

“This new agreement will provide Pratt & Whitney with enhanced security of supply with Magellan internally dual sourcing these castings between two manufacturing facilities in Canada and the USA, significantly de-risking the supply chain,” said Haydn Martin, Magellan’s vice president, business development, marketing and contracts.

Describing Magellan as a world leader in the development of advanced technologies in the aerospace sand casting sector, Martin continues to explain the company will utilize 3D sand printing and automated pouring to produce these components.


“Pratt & Whitney looks forward to continued growth with Magellan Aerospace in signing this agreement,” said Brandon Barrett, strategic sourcing manager at Pratt & Whitney. “Magellan is investing in the right technologies at both of its facilities to provide the complex castings for Pratt & Whitney’s NGPF engines.”


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