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National Airlines streamlines with WinAir Version 7

May 28, 2019  By Wings Staff

One of National Airlines' Boeing 747 aircraft. (Photo: National Airlines)

National Airlines implemented WinAir Version 7 after reengaging WinAir, headquartered in London, Ontario, back November of 2017 when National Airlines expressed interest in completing a process consultation. WinAir Version 7 is designed for tracking and managing aviation maintenance and maintaining inventory control.

Previously, the company was using a legacy version of WinAir’s software that they implemented in 2009. WinAir explains National Airlines attempted to transition to a commonly used competitive product for aviation maintenance for wide-body aircraft in 2016, but shortly afterward encountered many challenges with this product.

“When we originally contacted WinAir, we were toiling with aviation maintenance software that lacked the support and user-friendly processes that we required,” said Jim Alexander, director of maintenance at National Airlines. “After completing a procedural consultation with WinAir consultants and receiving advice from industry resources, we were confident that WinAir Version 7 was the perfect fit for our business.

“Today, this remains true as WinAir has added tremendous value to our aviation operation by streamlining processes,” continued Alexandar, “expediting work steps, and establishing software controlled best practices across all departments.”


WinAir explains its consultants analyzed National Airlines’ business processes and procedures and provided them with an audit report and change management strategy. National Airlines then officially signed on with WinAir Version 7 in August of 2018.

“Our process consultation is designed to instill confidence in our recommendations, team, and product,” said WinAir’s Managing Director, Kyle Vergeer. “We are delighted to learn that National Airlines is benefitting from this service and continuing to boost operational efficiencies with WinAir Version 7. We anticipate a long-lasting business relationship with this airline for years to come.”

Earlier this month, WinAir introduced seven new dashboard gadgets for its WinAir Version 7 management system. The update provides aviation operations with real-time visualizations of current maintenance, inventory, and financial data in WinAir, ultimately designed for enhanced visibility and to assist key personnel with making proactive decisions.

More specifically, the lastest WinAir 7 updated includes dashboard gadgets for tracking and monitoring aircraft utilization, total labour per template, total labour per base, Top 10 aircraft by flight hours, quarantine movement, quarantine status queues, and the Top 5 vendors by value. Each new gadget displays unique maintenance, inventory, and finance related information based on the particular client’s data in WinAir.


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