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New airshow to link air medical and air rescue industries

Feb. 25, 2009 – Voyageur Publishing and Events Ltd is launching a new international airshow, Waypoint AirMed & Rescue 2009. Taking place May 21-22, 2009 at Oxford Airport, U.K.

February 25, 2009  By Administrator

Voyageur Publishing and Events Ltd is launching a new international airshow, Waypoint AirMed & Rescue 2009. Taking place 21–22 May 2009 at Oxford Airport, UK, the event will bring together the global aeromedical and air rescue industries in a unique way.

Waypoint AirMed & Rescue 2009 will cater to members of all sectors of the global air medicine and air rescue community, spanning civilian fixed-wing and rotor-wing air ambulance, coastguard, armed forces, fire and rescue, and police aviation.

Those attending will have the opportunity to share knowledge, learn from others and make new contacts through conference sessions and networking events. An exhibition area, static aircraft display and live demonstrations will further enable attendees to observe the equipment and procedures used by different air crews.

Denise Clements, Waypoint AirMed & Rescue conference co-ordinator, commented: “The Waypoint AirMed & Rescue international airshow is an exciting opportunity to bring together all those involved in saving lives in the air. It’s a varied community, from emergency medical helicopter organisations to medevac crews operating under enemy fire, from international jet ambulances to military and civilian search and rescue. By including all these groups in one event, we hope to create a forum where those attending can benefit from the latest developments across the different strands of this essential industry.”


Staff from assistance companies, organisations that co-ordinate emergency transport of sick or injured travellers, often by air ambulance, will also benefit through visiting the aircraft at the static display and attending workshops sessions aimed at call handling staff.
About Voyageur Publishing and Events Ltd
Voyageur Publishing and Events Ltd is a thriving company based in Bristol, UK. Voyageur hosts the annual International Travel Insurance Conference (ITIC), now in its 17th year, along with local variations, ITIC European and ITIC Pacific. The company also publishes the International Travel Insurance Journal, and Waypoint AirMed & Rescue magazine.


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