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New offering launched to significantly reduce noise and increase fire protection

Nov. 7, 2008, Montreal – Zenith Jet today announced a partnership to launch the Silentium Air SPS 360 noise reduction system for business aircraft.

November 7, 2008  By Administrator

Nov. 7, 2008, Montreal – Zenith Jet, a business aircraft management and charter operator, and Aviation International Management Services (A.I.M.S.), a developer of noise reduction systems for business, commercial and military aircraft, today announced a partnership to launch the Silentium Air SPS 360 noise reduction system for business aircraft.

Silentium Air SPS 360 is a revolutionary sound proofing and fire protection system that fully replaces existing aircraft insulation. Designed using advanced technology, it provides industry leading levels of noise reduction and fire protection exceeding regulatory requirements. Measured in SIL (speech interference level), Silentium Air SPS 360 reduces acoustic noise levels by more than 30%, on average, which optimizes conditions for conversation and passenger comfort. In addition to creating a more pleasant and productive in-flight environment, Silentium Air SPS 360 elevates safety by increasing fire protection standards – surpassing recently-enacted FAA directive FAR. 25.856 A and B. Furthermore, Silentium Air SPS 360 reduces total aircraft weight, thus increasing range and decreasing operating costs by up to three per cent. 

When implemented to fully replace existing soundproofing materials, installation of Silentium Air SPS 360 represents a typical investment of less than 1% of a business aircraft’s market value. Actual installation requires as little as seven working days and may be performed by MROs worldwide.

“Our noise reduction systems are the most innovative and effective in business aviation,” said Jahid Fazal-Karim, Board Member, Zenith Jet. “We are proud to announce this partnership with A.I.M.S. to bring advanced innovative products to market. Silentium Air SPS 360’s technology reduces noise and enhances fire protection with great cost efficiency. When used to fully replace existing sound proofing materials, Silentium Air SPS 360 reduces overall aircraft weight and increases range. These improvements pay for themselves by enhancing the resale value of the aircraft while reducing operating costs,” Mr. Fazal-Karim added.


“We welcome our partnership with Zenith Jet,” said Flo Ciobotaru, President and CEO, A.I.M.S. “Building on our proven track record of installing supplemental noise reduction systems on 32 aircraft, we are proud to now extend our offering to provide a complete insulation replacement system. To best penetrate this new and expanding business aviation market, partnership with Zenith Jet presented a logical choice. We believe that this market will respond most favourably to the Silentium Air SPS 360 because it reduces cabin noise, enhances safety and increases the resale value of business aircraft,” Mr. Ciobotaru concluded.

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About Zenith Jet

Zenith Jet is an innovative aircraft management and charter company focused on providing tailored solutions to its clients needs. With an emphasis on innovation, Zenith Jet is constantly looking for products or services to enhance its client experience. With extensive operational knowledge of business aircraft and close relationships with manufacturers, Zenith Jet is well positioned in key markets to serve diverse client needs. For more information, please visit

About A.I.M.S.

Founded in 1997, A.I.M.S. provides private and corporate aircraft owners with acquisition, design, completion and delivery services, including turn-key solutions for sound reduction that are unique in the aviation industry. Having experienced rapid growth in recent years, A.I.M.S. has experience on projects for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream aircraft models. A.I.M.S. has offices in Canada, the US and Barbados. For more information, please visit

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