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NewLeaf Travel Company closer to taking to the skies

After a three month consultation period, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has completed its review of licensing regulations and has determined that NewLeaf Travel Company is not required to hold a license.  NewLeaf applauds the decision and believes that the stage is set to “turn over a new leaf” in the Canadian travel industry.

April 1, 2016  By NewLeaf Travel Company

In a decision posted on March 29, 2016 the CTA stated “NewLeaf, should it proceed with its proposed business model, would not operate an air service and would not be required to hold an air licence.”

“We’ve read through the determination by the Canadian Transportation Agency and we are pleased that it has fulfilled its mandate to bring regulatory clarity to the marketplace – this is a victory for Canadian travellers,” affirmed NewLeaf Chief Executive Officer Jim Young. “The introduction of the distinctive term ‘reseller’ in airline regulation not only clarifies the role of NewLeaf in the travel marketplace, but also allows for innovation and consumer choice, while maintaining consumer protections.”
NewLeaf Travel Company initially launched its website and began selling tickets to seven Canadian destinations on January 6, 2016. The Canadian public’s response to NewLeaf’s launch of low cost airfares for those destinations was overwhelming, and reinforces the fact that Canada needs, and can support, an ultra low cost unbundled travel option that creates competition in air travel.
“We want to thank the thousands of Canadians across the country who have expressed their support, especially those who have gone above and beyond by signing our petition and writing letters to the Minister of Transport. This backing shows that Canadian travellers truly desire an ultra low-cost air service option which NewLeaf, in conjunction with Flair Airlines, will provide.  We are energized by the results of the review, and look forward to the bright future that lies ahead for NewLeaf and the Canadian travelling public,” said Young.
“We are determined to bring low-cost air travel pricing to the Canadian marketplace” said Young. “With the completion of the CTA review, we will resume booking in the very near future.”


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