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Noveko delivers first filters to Air Transat

March 21, 2012, Montreal - Noveko International  is pleased to announce that its subsidiary Noveko Inc. has delivered the first Noveko-IDP filters to Air Transat to equip its entire Airbus A330 fleet.

March 21, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

"We are delighted that Air Transat is the first airline to filter the air in its cabins with Noveko-IDP™ filters, which incorporate our patented filtration technologies. From the start, Air Transat recognized the outstanding value of our products for the aviation industry and supported us in the process of obtaining STC certification for our Airbus A330 filters. We are pleased to formalize our partnership with these first deliveries," indicated Mr. Alain Bolduc, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company.

Air Transat's fleet comprises 23 aircraft, including 12 Airbus A330s. Other A330s will gradually be added to its fleet, replacing its A310s. Each A330 requires eight air filters.

Subsequent to last summer's grant by Transport Canada of a Supplemental Type Certificate ("STC") for the Noveko-IDP™ filters targeted to the Airbus A330 series, Noveko and its partners, including the Industrielle du Ponant ("IDP"), completed the final regulatory procedures required for their delivery and installation. Transport Canada confirmed that all parties to the Noveko-IDP™ filter production and procurement process for A330s comply with the aeronautics regulations in regard to their industrial organization, manufacturing and quality control systems.

"In line with our ongoing innovation and improvement objectives, we are proud to be the first to provide our passengers and our crews with the best air filtration in the aviation industry. Noveko-IDP™ filters surpass in many ways and are perfectly interchangeable with the classical HEPA filters they replace. They attain unparalleled particle filtration levels and also neutralize odours and gases, improving air quality in the cabin. Furthermore, thanks to their clearly superior useful life, we will reduce both our filtration waste and our filter-replacement maintenance costs," added Mr. Allen B. Graham, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Transat.


"We are now intensifying the efforts to stimulate the commercialization of our filters for the Airbus A330s. In this regard, we are setting up a distribution network to reach the largest number of airlines in this high-potential market, which includes on a global scale more than 830 aircraft currently in operation, not to mention the many new planes on order. Concurrently, we are advancing in the STC certification for the Airbus A340 series, which require up to 15 filters per plane and represent a market of approximately 350 aircraft today. In addition, although we initially targeted the Airbus A330s and A340s, our filters can easily be adapted to any planes, further increasing their potential market," concluded Mr. Bolduc.


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