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On the web: March/April 2008

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March 28, 2008  By Wings staff

By Doug Morris

Pilots and ATC abide by it, aviation weather references it, and aircraft maintenance and the military adhere to it. Formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time, now called UTC, time for flying still bears the elusive “Z” (phonetically known as Zulu) appended to most timely things in aviation. Why the “Z,” why the confusing acronym UTC for Coordinated Universal Time and just where is this place that marks the beginning of time?

Doug Morris, author of the new book,  From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science, answers these questions and provides an interesting and straightforward look at how we arrived at the current system of time in aviation.

By Michel Coté
Recovering a Canadian Historical Aircraft – the CF-CPA Project

In the summer of 2004, during a routine flight to Northern Québec, Patrick Cloutier, bush pilot for Aventures Norpaq, noticed a familiar shape reflecting from the wilderness. It became clearer the closer he flew that this was not an ordinary aircraft. As he circled for a second glance, he recognized the Lockheed Lodestar. Upon his return from dropping off a group of fishermen, he started his research and came to the conclusion that this was in fact the Lockheed Lodestar that originally flew with Canadian Pacific Airlines during the Second World War. This was the start of what became known as the CF-CPA Project.



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