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P3 honoured with Airbus Innovation Award

No mission is impossible – P3 proved it again by developing the world’s smallest and lightest halon-free cabin fire extinguisher. On September 21, the consulting and engineering company was acknowledged by Airbus with the Innovation Award for creating an innovative solution the aircraft manufacturer needed, but nobody else could provide.

September 27, 2017  By P3

P3 has developed the most flexible of its kind: P3 HAFEX is the only halon-free fire extinguisher in the market to comply with the Montreal Protocol while fitting into all existing holders of current Halon fire extinguishers. Thus, the environmentally friendly P3 solution helps Airbus and airlines to significantly reduce costs for the obligatory introduction of halon-free fire extinguishers.

“We think outside the box. Our engineers are free-spirited and highly creative. And in a partnership as transparent and trustworthy as ours with Airbus, we can develop our potential to the full. We don’t stop before we have found the best possible solution for our client. This is what makes us unique and often more efficient than others in the market. With P3 HAFEX, we have come up with a red-hot future-proof solution way ahead of time. For us, no mission is impossible!“, says Dr. Lars Karsten, managing director P3 engineering GmbH.

P3 was recognized with the Airbus Innovation Award at the Airbus Global Supplier Conference in Tianjin in China in the category “Systems & Equipment, Cabin and Propulsion“ for the development of the halon-free fire extinguisher P3 HAFEX. The smart solution reflects P3’s customer focus while underlining the company’s positioning: the engineers with the decisive extras. It is not the first challenge in the aviation industry that P3 has answered with an innovative solution. P3 has been closely working together with manufacturers and suppliers for many years – as their partner, consultant and solutions provider.

The halon-free fire extinguisher P3 HAFEX has been developed in cooperation with ANAF Group and Firemark Ltd. It is the smallest and lightest product in the market that flexibly fits into the existing holders in the aircraft cabin. P3 HAFEX complies with the conditions of the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. P3’s fire extinguisher was already delivered at the end of 2016 – thus, in line with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The ICAO had previously determined new aircraft to be equipped with halon-free fire extinguishers as of December 31, 2016. Later, the date was changed to December 31, 2018. By 2025, all commercial aircraft will require halon-free handheld cabin fire extinguishers.



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