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Searidge video system will deliver top surveillance

June 26, 2012, Ottawa - Searidge Technologies announced that they have completed the delivery of the Searidge intelligent video systems IntelliDAR for integration to Indra Navia's NOVA 9000 Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS).

June 26, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

The Searidge video track data is integrated into the Indra Navia multi-sensor fusion processor and presented to Air Traffic Controllers on Indra Navia's NOVA 9000 display to deliver full seamless surveillance of the airport surface.  The addition of the Searidge track data enhances the radar coverage, particularly in areas where blind spots or line of sight obstructions exist.  Controllers will require no new training on the system and will not be able to distinguish between the video or radar targets – making it a seamless display to the Controller.

The integrated solution has passed Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) and has been selected by NAV CANADA to increase ground surveillance on a portion of a main runway at Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL).   "The Searidge camera installations at Montreal PET Airport have enhanced surface surveillance by providing non-cooperative surveillance in an area not before covered by ASDE, providing our staff in the control tower with critical information to support our operations.  Having the surveillance fused with our existing surface detection equipment removes the need for additional displays and additional training, and ensures the air traffic controllers are provided a seamless view of the surface," explains Trevor Johnson, Assistant Vice President, Service Delivery, NAV CANADA.

"The solution in Montreal has demonstrated benefits of an integrated solution.  The integration of Searidge's video technology to the NOVA 9000 processing system has enabled us to provide additional value to our customer and deliver a more comprehensive surface surveillance solution," says Øivind Klausen, General Sales Manager, Indra Navia AS.

IntelliDAR processes video from a series of video sensors networked together to provide real-time geospatial positioning of all targets in a given area. The system validates all non-cooperative targets (regardless if they are equipped with tracking devices) by providing air traffic controllers with critical information such as detection, tracking, positioning, classification and tracking, rendering the airport safer for all stakeholders, including passengers, airlines, and support personnel.



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