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Skyplan names Harney VP of Operations

Oct. 21, 2013, Calgary - Skyplan Services Limited, announced that they have hired 21- year aviation industry veteran Shane Harney as the company’s new Vice President of Operations.  Harney previously worked for the company in 1994.

October 21, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

“We are thrilled to have Shane back with our company in his new role,” said Skyplan Owner and President Adrian Bone. “He has a proven track record and remarkable abilities to design and implement infrastructure within organizations that are a catalyst for growth.”


Prior to joining Skyplan, Harney served in management roles with WestJest Encore, EnerJet, Sabre, and WestJet. In 2012, Harney was tasked with building the infrastructure as the OCC Implementation lead for the launch of WestJet Encore.  He was part of a team six highly skilled WestJet employees that helped start the new regional subsidiary airline under WestJet. When Harney joined WestJet in 1998 the company revenues were 125.4 million. By 2006 the company grew to a fleet of 63 aircraft generating $1.774 billion in revenue with almost 6 million passengers.
While at startup charter airline, Enerjet, Harney was the Manager of Flight Dispatch and with Sabre Airline Solutions he was the Operations Management consultant and Systems Support Specialists.
“I have been fortunate to be on teams that have helped start and grow great airlines and aviation companies,” said Harney.  “My background and expertise in operations and dispatch has provided me the background and framework that is necessary to work with customers with large and small fleets of aircraft. Having been in corporate, charter and airline operations all of my career,  I can see things from an operators point of view which allows us to better serve our customers. I am thrilled to remain in Calgary, and rejoin a growing company where I gained my aviation roots.”
In his new role as Vice President of Operations with Skyplan Harney will oversee all dispatch and international trip coordination services.


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