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Skyservice Airlines Cuts Emissions with First Fuel Efficient Boeing B-757 in Canada

Nov. 27, 2007, Toronto, Ont.- Skyservice Airlines has introduced into service a Boeing B-757 aircraft equipped with Aviation Partners Boeing blended winglets.

November 27, 2007  By Carey Fredericks

Nov. 27, 2007, Toronto, Ont.- Skyservice Airlines is pleased to announce with
the support of CIT Aerospace, the introduction into service of a Boeing B-757
aircraft equipped with Aviation Partners Boeing blended winglets.

This aircraft is more efficient than any other Boeing 757 operating in
Canada. The B-757 recently returned from a state of the art modification where
blended winglets were added to the outboard wingtips of the aircraft adding 10
feet of wingspan and dramatically reducing emissions while increasing fuel

This B-757 equipped with winglets will save over 360,000 liters of fuel
annually which translates into a reduction of 765 tonnes of CO2 emissions per

"These are remarkable numbers which demonstrates the Skyservice
commitment to the environment and efficiency" said Rob Giguere, President and
COO of Skyservice Airlines "It is clear from all of our stakeholders the
installation of the blended winglets on our aircraft is a welcome addition to
our fleet."


The high tech devices not only reduce emissions and fuel burn but also
reduce the noise footprint of the aircraft while increasing its range. All of
this translates into a signal from Skyservice Airlines to the world that "our
aircraft respect the planet."

"The installation of these winglets show Skyservice's commitment to
reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the environment," said Tony Diaz,
Executive Vice President, CIT Aerospace "CIT is pleased to partner with
Skyservice to provide them with financing solutions to help them achieve their
operational objectives."

Captain John Hudson, Chief of Standard Boeing, who was instrumental in
the decision to equip the 757 with winglets operated the first flight of the
aircraft. "Not only did the aircraft perform flawlessly, the fuel burns and
performance were right on the numbers." said Captain Hudson "It is also a very
attractive addition to the airframe with the distinctive winglets emblazoned
with the Skyservice livery and name."

Skyservice Airlines carries over one million passengers annually and
currently operates a fleet of 21 aircraft including Airbus A-319's, A-320's,
A-330's and Boeing B-757's to popular vacation destinations in Canada, the
United States, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.


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