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‘Smart’ I-Shades just got smarter

Oct. 20, 2009, Orlando, Fla. – Today at the NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention, InspecTech Aero Service, Inc. unveiled the Smart Cabin Automated Dimming System (SCADS) for its I-Shades.

October 20, 2009  By Administrator

Oct. 20, 2009, Orlando, Fla. – Today at the NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention, InspecTech Aero Service, Inc. unveiled the Smart Cabin Automated Dimming System (SCADS) for its I-Shades – the world’s most advanced light-control window shading system for aircraft and helicopters. Now, in addition to the exclusive light, heat and glare control I-Shades bring to cabin windows, the product has evolved into an intelligent enabling technology capable of integrating into airframe systems – providing unprecedented smart automation of cabin light management.

The SCADS network architecture has also been designed for interconnectivity, and can interface with other cabin systems such as In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and Cabin Management Systems (CMS). This integration results in a more complete solution to the challenges of on-board work and leisure activities.

With the simple push of a button, I-Shades offer the ability to instantly regulate light, glare and heat entering the cabin – from fully clear to completely private, and to any level of view-preserving tint in between. I-Shades improve passenger comfort, lower cabin noise levels and reduce maintenance costs since there are no moving parts. Over 99.9% of harmful UV radiation is blocked whether in the fully clear or private state, and cabin heat build-up is minimized when on the ground as I-Shades automatically switch to their maximally energy-efficient, heat-blocking dark state when the aircraft is unpowered.

These “smart windows” are the first – and only – electrically dimmable window shades currently flying. They are in use today on commercial, corporate, and military aircraft, and on helicopters. They are the industry’s only dynamic switchable window shades that are now available for any aircraft or helicopter as an aftermarket install at service centers worldwide, or for production aircraft.


The patent pending, groundbreaking Smart Cabin Automated Dimming System delivers a new level of never-before-possible benefits to the industry. The evolutionary design exploits the unique performance characteristics of I-Shades and its cabin-wide electrical interface system. The proprietary SCADS architecture is a multi-master system with line topology and real-time data communication. The system continuously monitors environmental sensors and airframe systems, which then regulates the amount of light entering the cabin automatically.

SCADS proprietary software programs can now be executed autonomously or on-demand for comfort, safety, energy-savings and much more. Here are some examples of features unveiled by InspecTech:

Automated and continuous window dimming system:
This program maintains a specified ideal, fixed level of light entering the cabin at any given altitude or attitude. Passengers will never suffer from glaring sun entering from the opposing side of the cabin, as each I-Shade continuously and automatically adjusts to the amount of light striking it. All of this is done continuously and smoothly in real-time, and passengers do not notice the changes because as the I-Shades lighten and darken, the same amount of light is always allowed through each and every window.

Master control overrides: Flight Attendants and Pilots are provided control of all I-shades cabin-wide from all dark, all clear, or full passenger control.

Cabin temperature control system:
This program continuously monitors cabin temperature and executes a control feature when necessary. For example, if the aircraft is on the ramp and a specified high temperature is reached, all I-Shades automatically go fully dark, thus maximizing heat rejection and cooling the cabin. Once the temperature stabilizes, the I-Shades return to their most recent light transmission state.

Automated adjustment for customer requirements:
For window shade positions during take-off and landing, a logic circuit is incorporated into the flap system. With this feature, all I-Shades automatically switch to the fully clear state in response to the positioning of the flaps. Also, should a power loss ever occur, all emergency exit I-Shades instantly default to a clear state for maximum light transmittance for 45 minutes. 

Flight attendant systems: New features are offered for flight attendants. For example, during the pre-flight safety presentation, the Flight Attendant Brief button can be pressed, and all I-Shades instantly go fully dark except the emergency exit window shades, which remain fully clear. This enables exits to be easily identified by passengers.

In-flight movie feature:
This automated feature dims all of the I-Shades to a 15% light transmission level with a single button press by the crew, perfect for viewing movies.  

Innovative features for operators, carriers and their passengers:
There are several programs embedded in SCADS which get passengers’ attention and add a “wow factor.” For example, selecting “The Wave” program results in all I-Shades doing the wave: starting with the front row, each row of I-Shades instantly switch fully dark, in sequence, at half-second increments going down the aircraft, and then waving forward turning fully clear.

SCADS architecture also offers new opportunities to be used with other aircraft cabin systems. For example, lighting systems, including “mood lighting” equipment and programs, can now interface with I-Shades to include and control the use of natural daylighting in the system. I-Shades are the only shading system available that can regulate both direct and diffused lighting, and by interfacing with SCADS, any type of mood lighting management system is dramatically enhanced. The result is the I-Shade Smart Window System and SCADS – now viewed as an enabling technology by lighting suppliers, shade suppliers, entertainment system suppliers, and many others.

I-Shades can be viewed at Booth #3706 at the NBAA.
For further information about the SCADS product contact:
David Taylor 
888-570-1727 or 954-359-6766


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