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Western Aircraft ramps up for Falcon 2000 STC

Western Aircraft, recently completed its third Dassault Falcon 7X 1C inspection complete with a provisional Gogo Biz 4G system installed. The company is teaming up with Gogo Business Aviation for completion of a Supplemental Type Certification for installation of Gogo Biz 4G on all versions of the Falcon 2000 model aircraft.

February 14, 2017  By Western Aircraft

The most recent 7X C Check involved compliance with Fuel Tank service bulletins 7X-0338 and 7X-0353. Another bulletin F7X-0379 (Bolt installation correction at LH and RH frame bolts at FR36 and FR39) was completed with the assistance of Latécoère Aeroservice who provided on-site training and certified three Western Aircraft A&P mechanics. Western Aircraft is now fully authorized to complete SB F7X-0379.

“Our last two aircraft were both equipped with Gogo ATG 5000/UCS 5000 systems, and provisional wiring for the new Gogo 4G system,” said Western Aircraft’s Director of Aircraft Services Jody Harris. “A new Gogo transceiver and antenna will be installed once Gogo certifies its 4G components.”

The Gogo 4G system includes services such as Gogo Vision, providing the latest movies and TV episodes, flight tracker, weather reports, and additional features; Gogo Text & Talk, allowing passengers to call and text with their personal smartphones and mobile numbers; streaming video and audio; as well as face-to-face conversations with a user’s favourite applications; email with attachments; and web browsing – on a proven network throughout the continental U.S. and large portions of Alaska and Canada.

Western Aircraft is well underway in developing an STC for Gogo’s 4G system that will cover all Dassault Falcon 2000 series aircraft including the EX, EASy, DX, LX, S and LXS. Federal Aviation Administration Certification is expected by the second quarter of 2017.



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