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Cathay Pacific signs contract with Navtech

Feb. 14, 2012, Toronto - Navtech Inc., a leader in flight operations software and services, has expanded its relationship with its long-term customer, Cathay Pacific Airways, through a meaningful multi-year agreement for provisioning aeronautical charts and navigation data.

February 14, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

Navtech Charts along with Navigation Data for Honeywell FMS and ARINC 424 will be supplied to Cathay Pacific Airways, its sister carrier Dragonair and joint venture all-cargo carrier Air Hong Kong.  The companies signed the multi-year agreement during which time they will continue to work together to enhance Navtech's charts products, specifically the electronic charts product, Navtech eCharts.

"Our long-term relationship with Cathay Pacific has been significantly enhanced by this confidence boost in our charts innovation," said Mike Hulley, President  and CEO of Navtech. "We are proud to supply multiple products to a premier airline which has such an extensive network and powerful industry reputation as they will provide valuable experience and advice to enhance our offerings overall."

Cathay Pacific has been a Navtech Charts supplement customer for many years, as well as, is a member of the Navtech Charts Council and the Navtech Advisory Group. "We are happy to partner with Navtech working towards a fully e-enabled solution for our flight operations," said Captain Russell Davie, General Manager of Flight Operations for Cathay Pacific Airways.  "They have shown a real willingness to listen to and work with their customers."

Navtech Charts  is a family of state-of-the-art aeronautical charts products.  Navtech has combined the best features of our legacy products, Aerad Charts and Route Manual, into a modern and user-friendly navigation product.  Navtech designed the charts using research from Human Factor specialists and by gathering data from, and working closely with, pilots having years of experience using aeronautical charts.  Each chart includes enhanced symbology and communication features.  Navtech's electronic chart viewing application, Navtech eCharts , has been used by Navtech's customers for ten years. Navtech is currently developing a new release and has been working closely with Cathay Pacific and other charts customers to upgrade the GUI interface, underlying architecture, and ground communication tools.  These enhancements will form the infrastructure for Navtech to easily support all Classes of EFB and all devices from tablets to installed avionics.


Navtech's Navigation Data services draws on one of the world's largest aeronautical databases to support a wide range of electronic navigation needs.  The database conforms to ARINC 424 specifications, and as such, Cathay Pacific's subscription to ARINC data and Honeywell's FMS data will be used to support their systems, including their in-house flight planning system.


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