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Navtech launches enhancements to charts

Jan. 21, 2010, Toronto -  Navtech is beginning 2010 by launching new upgrades to its acclaimed charts products. During January, the company will begin offering upgrades for customers using Navtech electronic charts applications to the all-new Navtech eCharts.

January 21, 2010  By Press Release

This upgrade features an easy-to-use interface, improved night mode
functionality, and "CrossTalk" capability between connected flight deck

Further, the company will be launching its new Seamless Enroute Chart
(SENC), supporting professional users with its dynamic world-wide
airway charts.

"Last year was a challenging year for many in the aviation industry and
in response, Navtech has forged ahead by creating the kind of product
enhancements that will help make their businesses more efficient," said
Mike Hulley, Navtech CEO.

Navtech eCharts is a stand-alone application that enables simple,
intuitive access to a 60,000+ page library of aeronautical charts,
supplementary text chapters and optional airline specific content. By
operating on any recent Windows platform, eCharts provides a highly
secure and encrypted electronic environment. Navtech eCharts and
Navtech Seamless Enroute Chart (SENC) are compiled from official
documents and topographical reference charts, and also include digital
terrain data.


The charts are designed primarily for instrument enroute
navigation, providing essential information in a format where clarity
is the key feature. The content varies with the geographical coverage,
cost efficiently tailored for the customer.

Navtech eCharts features Navtech's aerochart specification that was
launched in 2008. Aerochart's format was designed using research
from Human Factor specialists and by gathering data from, and working
closely with a number of pilots with years of experience using
aeronautical charts. Available in electronic format with touch screen
user interfaces for use in an office or in an Electronic Flight Bag
(EFB), the Navtech eCharts and Navtech Seamless Enroute Chart (SENC)
interfaces are designed to be usable with minimal
training. Navtech also offers a Web version of eCharts to provide
online access for briefing and familiarization purposes.

To learn more about Navtech's charts products, visit


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