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CBAA to reveal economic impact of BizAv

Feb. 27, 2014, Ottawa - The CBAA has awarded InterVISTAS Consulting a contract to measure the economic impact of business aviation in Canada. The study will measure BA’s contributions to the national and provincial economies, job creation, and examine business aviation’s catalytic role in creating wealth and opportunities for businesses and communities. Preliminary findings will be released at CBAA 2014 in June.

February 27, 2014  By Carey Fredericks

“It is critical that government decision-makers and the public have the right information about business aviation” said CBAA President & CEO Rudy Toering. “The EI study is essential. Worldwide, the economic benefits of BA are well documented. We know that business aviation is an economic enabler and that it is used by corporations and organizations as the safest, most secure and most reliable form of air travel. Now, for the first time, we will be able to support our position with credible and irrefutable data specific to Canada and our operations.”

An economic analysis of BA is a priority objective for Rudy and the CBAA Board. “We will use this evidence-based representation of our sector to provide decision-makers with the facts they need to incorporate the unique operational aspects of business aviation when they craft their policy and regulatory decisions.” he told members. “We will show that we represent an important – and united – constituency that will approach government with positive and concrete solutions that support business aviation and at the same time, help government deal with the issues it is grappling with.”

InterVISTAS Consulting, based in Vancouver, BC, is well-known for its work in economic analysis, and for its expertise in aviation, having previously conducted EI studies for numerous aviation and transportation-related organizations in Canada and abroad. It also has specific expertise in business aviation, working with IBAC to enable the sustained growth and value of IS-BAO and with the NBAA in a number of different capacities.

“We are very pleased to have InterVISTAS prepare an objective look at business aviation’s contributions to Canada.” Rudy said. “This will make a real difference in how effective the CBAA will be in advancing our agenda for its members and for the business aviation community.”



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