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Cessna celebrates first international TTx delivery

Sept. 10, 2013, Wichita, Kan. - The Cessna Aircraft Company is celebrating the first international delivery of the new Cessna TTx, to a customer in Thailand.

September 10, 2013  By Carey Fredericks

The TTx is the world’s fastest commercially produced and certified fixed-gear single-engine aircraft. It was certified in July and enters the global marketplace as Cessna’s all-composite aircraft designed specifically for comfort, speed and luxury.

Kiatichai Monsereenusorn, managing director of Kiattana Transport, accepted his aircraft in a handover ceremony in Independence, Kansas, saying the TTx  will allow him to quickly visit multiple business sites per day, and do so in a comfortable, luxurious aircraft that is also fun to pilot.

“The first delivery of the TTx to an international customer is a very important milestone for every Cessnan involved in this program,” said Jodi Noah, Cessna’s senior vice president for Single Engine/Propeller Aircraft. “This aircraft has our global customer base very energized. Aviation customers recognize the TTx as synonymous with innovation, performance and luxury. This delivery is proof that the appeal of the TTx is not constrained by lines on a map, and that this aircraft is perfect for true aviators.”

The TTx is a high-performance composite aircraft designed for advanced pilots, with progressive technology, luxury interiors and performance resembling that of a jet. The TTx is the first aircraft to be equipped with the Garmin G2000 avionics system, featuring a glass cockpit with dual 14.1-inch (35.81 cm) high-definition displays and touch screen controls.


“The Cessna team worked hard to ensure the TTx earned international certification,” said Brian Steele, business leader for the Cessna TTx. “The teams at Cessna and Garmin have successfully redefined cockpit capabilities with the integration of the intuitive G2000 avionics system. The G2000 is not just an upgrade; it is the next evolutionary step in avionics.”

The TTx has an operating ceiling of 25,000 feet (7,620m) and an optional Flight into Known Icing (FIKI) system, enabling pilots to file flight plans for varying weather conditions. The TSIO-550-C six-cylinder engine from Continental Motors provides 310 horsepower, and the three-blade constant-speed metal propeller is supplied by McCauley. The TTx has a 1,250 nm range, making it capable of non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Houston or Bangkok, Thailand to Kolkata, India.


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