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Concorde Battery announces new batteries and certified installations

July 21, 2015 - Concorde is well known for designing “Drop In Replacements” and is pleased to have developed and certified five new products for 2015.

July 21, 2015  By Concorde

 RG-616 is a 6 Ah, 24 volt auxiliary battery designed for replacement of the original equipment nickel-cadmium battery on the EADS CASA 212. Concorde’s CASA 212 STC, ST04178AT, certifies the installation of RG-616 and Concorde’s popular RG-380E/40B (38 Ah), RG-380E/44 (42 Ah) or RG-380E/46 (46 Ah) in place of the original equipment main nickel-cadmium battery.  Benefits of converting to Concorde’s valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries are lower cost of acquisition, reduced cost per flight hour and zero maintenance in addition to the option of upgrading to a higher capacity battery with the RG-380E/44 or RG-380E/46.
RG-CIS25, Concorde’s AGM sealed lead acid replacement for Russian part number 20нкън-25-уз (20NKBN-25-U3) has received TSO authorization and FAA PMA certification as the original equipment battery on the PZL Mielec M2805 Skytruck. The RG-CIS25 (24V, 26 Ah) has also become a popular replacement battery for Russian Helicopters’ Mi-8 and Mi-17 platforms.
One of Concorde’s many heated battery models has been approved for installation on the Dassault 7X using Concorde’s RG-390E/KH heated battery assembled with Heater Control Unit HCU-7X with STC ST04185AT.  The heated 24V, 28 Ah battery is a drop in replacement for the original equipment battery. Although the conversion does not increase battery capacity or change battery chemistry, Concorde’s RG-390ESH/7X is readily available throughout distribution and is a more economical solution than the original equipment sealed lead acid battery.
Also having received TSO authorization in 2015 are Concorde RG-380E/53 battery series (24V, 53 Ah),       RG-332 (24V, 44 Ah) and RG-380E/40D (24V, 38 Ah) batteries.  Certified installations are in the works to follow in the near future for these new battery offerings.
Concorde sealed lead acid recombinant gas (RG®), absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are an economical solution to nickel-cadmium batteries with no maintenance requirements and reduced cost per flight hour. Concorde RG® Series do not have a memory and do not require unique charging equipment. Concorde RG® Series batteries may be serviced in any battery facility, including nickel-cadmium service facilities, without danger of cross contamination.
Concorde designs and manufactures over 90 models of Original Equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft.  Concorde batteries are installed as Original Equipment by the majority of aircraft manufacturers and adopted by military aircraft operators worldwide.

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