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DA Defence completes training with Austrian Air Force

Discovery Air Defence Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Air Inc., has successfully completed its first-ever training with the Austrian Air Force over Wittmund, Germany.

May 31, 2017  By DA Defence

Seven Eurofighters from Austria’s 1st Squadron “Überwachungsgeschwader” (Surveillance Wing) in Zeltweg trained against two DA Defence A-4N Skyhawks in air-to-air gunnery, and Eurofighters from the German Luftwaffe’s Tactical Air Force Wing 71 “Richthofen” in supersonic intercepts. DA Defence’s training qualified the Austrian pilots in air-to-air weapons and tactics.

“DA Defence’s crews and aircraft played a pivotal role in the success of this Austrian Air Force training exercise,” said Rolf Brandt, senior program manager-German Operations, DA Defence. “We delivered highly-accurate and cost-effective air targets for Austria’s elite Eurofighter pilots. Discovery Air Defence helped Austria to enhance its operational effectiveness and readiness against threats.”
“We are very proud to work with new partners and customers,” said Daniel Gibeau, chief operating officer, DA Defence. “Our participation in this air-to-air gunnery exercise is testament to our world-class expertise and dedication to provide a highly-advanced training for Austria, Germany, NATO and other NATO allies who train with the German military such as Austria, at home and on deployment.”
DA Defence has been providing contracted airborne training services for the German Armed Forces since 2015. Flying embedded with the German Air Force, DA Defence is delivering critical air combat training and combat support for the German military at home and on deployment.
DA Defence and its U.S. subsidiary, Top Aces, have the world’s largest privately-held operating fleet of fighter aircraft. The training provided supports the operational readiness of both current and future generation fighter aircraft. To discover more on how DA Defence is changing the face of air combat training,


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