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MicroPilot develops VSM communications system

Working with Lockheed Martin CDL Systems, MicroPilot Inc. has developed a Vehicle Specific Module (VSM) to communicate with STANAG 4586 compliant ground control station (GCS) software.

May 31, 2017  By MicroPilot

This will enable MicroPilot customers to utilize Lockheed Martin’s many previously unavailable tools as part of its unmanned systems software ecosystem with more than 1.5 million flight hours worldwide.

STANAG 4586 is a NATO standard interface for Unmanned Control System and UAV interoperability. MicroPilot was able to cooperate with Lockheed Martin CDL Systems to create the VSM to make MicroPilot autopilot’s able to communicate with Lockheed Martin’s mGCS software, which is STANAG 4586 compliant.

“We are pleased that MicroPilot has invested in STANAG 4586 compatibility and specifically integration with Lockheed Martin CDL Systems,” noted John Molberg, business development manager at CDL Systems. “We are two proud companies who have been in the unmanned systems market for decades. This investment allows Micropilot customers access to our unmanned systems software ecosystem.”

MicroPilot customers now have more options and utilities than ever to get the most out of their MicroPilot autopilots. The STANAG 4586 compatibility provides opportunities and attractive options for new customers as well.



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