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Government of Canada proposes measures for runway safety

March 10, 2020  By Wings Staff

Marc Garneau, the federal Minister of Transport for Canada, on March 6 announced proposed changes to the Canadian Aviation Regulations, which aim to better protect passengers, crews and aircraft in the event an aircraft leaves the end of a runway. The government explains these amendments would better align Canada with international standards.

“Canada has one of the safest aviation systems in the world and we continue to support additional measures to enhance safety for the public,” said Garneau. “The proposed changes for runway end safety areas improve existing safety measures in place and better align with international standards. Transport Canada will remain engaged with affected airports on the implementation of the new requirements.”

Beyond Air France 358

The proposed measures would require Canada’s busiest airports to extend their runway end safety area to 150 metres in order to provide extra space for an aircraft to stop safely in case of emergency. The changes would apply to 28 Canadian airports that have scheduled commercial flights and an annual threshold of at least 325,000 passengers.


TSB on runway incursions

Transport Canada explains the proposed measures also include other means of compliance for airports where land is not available. Airport operators would have the option to adjust a runway’s distances or install a system that would help slow down an aircraft at the end of the runway.

Transport Canada notes it will continue to engage with impacted airports on the new requirements. Airports would have two years to comply.


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