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JETNET releases mid-year market analysis

JETNET LLC has released June 2016 and the first six months of 2016 results for the pre-owned business jet, business turboprop, helicopter, and commercial airliner markets.

August 3, 2016  By JETNET

Market Summary
Key worldwide trends were analyzed across all aircraft market segments, comparing June 2016 to June 2015. With the exception of commercial jets, “Fleet For Sale” percentages for all sectors were up in the June comparisons. June 2015 was the lowest “For Sale” percentage (11.2%) for business jets seen since the great recession began. However, in June 2016 the percentage increased to 11.7%, and the total number for sale is now well above the 2,400 mark.

TRENDS: Generally, inventories are up, and asking prices are down!
Business jets are showing a slow start in the first six months of 2016, with a 1.9% increase in pre-owned sale transactions, and are taking less time to sell (12 days) than last year, with a 11.2% decrease in average asking price. A double-digit decrease in business jet average asking price has not stimulated enough sales growth, and continues to be a major concern for the industry. Business turboprops increased 8.8% in sale transactions, with a 2.3% decrease in asking price and fewer days (15 days) on the market.

Turbine and Piston helicopters saw a decline in YTD sale transactions, down 12.4% and 22.4%, respectively. However, while Turbine helicopters saw a decline of 2.6% in YTD average asking price, Piston showed an increase of 5.2%.

Analysis of commercial airliners includes the number for sale for both commercial jets (including airliners converted to VIP) and commercial turboprops. Commercial turboprop YTD sale transactions were at 283, significantly lower than any of the other market sectors.


For the first six months of 2016, there were 4,101 pre-owned jets, turboprops, and helicopters sold, with both business jets and commercial jets leading all types. The number of sale transactions across all market sectors increased by 3.6% compared to 3,958 for the first six months of 2015.

Global, U.S., and Non-U.S. Pre-owned Market Trends
Business jets and business turboprops were also analyzed, comparing June 2016 to June 2015, showing the U.S. vs. Non-U.S. aircraft in operation, for sale, and percentage for sale. The differences between the periods show that there were 164 more business jets for sale—82 each in the U.S. and Non-U.S. markets—in June 2016. However, there were far more turboprops for sale (69) in the U.S. market than the Non-U.S. (3) as of June 2016. Also, the U.S. had 12,491, or 60%, of business jets in operation in June 2016 and 7,577, or 51%, of business turboprop aircraft.


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