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Kitchener Aero completes Canadian avionics first

March 19, 2013, Kitchener, Ont. - Kitchener Aero Avionics (KAAV) is pleased to announce another Canadian first with the completion of a new upgrade package for the Cessna C208 “Caravan”.

March 19, 2013
Carey Fredericks

The heart of this upgrade is an Aspen EFD-1000C3 PFD and Class B TAWS. “For hardworking Caravans – especially those in commercial operations – this mod can really make a difference” says KAAV PresidentBarry Aylward.

The Aspen PFD replaces the problematic and expensive gyros in the King KFC-150/225 Flight Control Systems that were originally installed in the C-208 fleet. The TAWS upgrade to the GNS-530W is fully compliant with the “Enhanced Altitude Accuracy” provisions of Transport Canada’s TAWS mandate. Class B TAWS is an option on the GNS-530/530W, as well as the new Garmin GTN-650 & 750 Touchscreen WAAS Navigators.

This C208 upgrade package from KAAV includes the Aspen PFD and required Adaptors which enable removal of the KCS-55A HIS, the KI-256 Flight Director Gyro, the VSI, & Turn Coordinator. Standby Attitude, Airspeed, and Attitude Indicators are required.

The Aspen system is fully integrated to the KFC-150 or KFC-225 Autopilot/FD System. Synthetic Vision is optional.


Aylward reports that the customer in this case is “delighted”. They have confirmed that Autopilot performance is definitely improved. Replacing the KI-256 Flight Director Gyro is highly desirable as these units can have a history of being not only problematic, but also expensive to overhaul and recalibrate. Barry states that “The KI-256 gyros are typically the biggest uncontrolled cost for our commercial C-208 operators. This is an upgrade that will pay for itself over time, and will dramatically improve the overall safety and functionality of the cockpit, as well as dispatch reliability.”