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Latitude and NAT expand PTA12 dialer capability


Latitude and NAT expand PTA12 dialer capability
Latitude Technologies and NAT have announced a text messaging upgrade to the popular NAT PTA12-100 Dialer/Adapter.

June 22, 2009  By Administrator

June 22, 2009, Victoria, B.C. – Latitude Technologies and Northern Airborne Technology (NAT) have announced
the availability of a text messaging upgrade to the popular NAT PTA12-100
Dialer/Adapter for use with the Latitude SkyNode® S200-021 satphone, flight
tracking and messaging transceiver.  Under an exclusive license agreement
with NAT, Latitude developed a firmware upgrade for the PTA12 whereby when
interfaced to a S200-021 the PTA12 can now provide 2 way messaging.

Pre-programmed responses are generated from a library of 9 customer
predefined messages stored in the system that are remotely configurable.
This new capability is already available on all new PTA12 units purchased
from Latitude.  Firmware upgrades to existing units in aircraft are
available from Latitude for a $480 upgrade fee.

“We were very interested when Latitude suggested this clever upgrade to the
PTA12-100 product family.  Latitude has always been an innovative company in
the aeronautical communications and data management arena and this is simply
another example of their ability to get more “bang for the buck” from
existing technology.  We expect to hear many positive comments from PTA12
users”, shared Ray Lewis, Director of Business Development at NAT/Cobham

“Latitude has had a long and productive relationship with NAT over the years
including the resale of many PTA12’s to our customers”, remarked Mark
Insley, Latitude’s president.


 “The ability to expand the capability of such
a ubiquitous aeronautical product as the PTA12 is a real honor.  While it is
already a proven workhorse in hundreds of cockpits around the world we
anticipate a very positive response to this added functionality.”


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