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New Twists to Corporate Aircraft Use from YYZ…

The Chartright Air Group introduces their Florida Easy Programme and introduces a unique new aircraft

September 27, 2007  By Stacy Bradshaw

311-yyzDuring the recent NBAA Trade Show and Conference in Orlando, Toronto
based Chartright Air Group were showing off their latest new aircraft
and telling folks about their newest charter travel programme.

established and respected corporate aircraft management and charter
services provider, Chartright¹s fleet currently numbers 10 aircraft ­
ranging from small and mid-sized Citations, Astra and Falcon 50 to
intercontinental capable Falcon 900 and Gulfstream aircraft. As with
any management company, the firm is always looking to capitalize on
opportunities for their aircraft owners and realize full potential from
the corporate biz jets that these individuals and corporations entrust
them with. This means charter use ­ and this time Chartright have come
up with a new and competitive twist to the question of building traffic
and making aircraft work better.

Charter clients are always
looking for alternative ways to make use of corporate charter services
and escape the cold of winter. So Chartright have come up with Florida
Easy ­ a seasonal private jet service to Palm Beach and surrounding
areas. The web-based program matches the travel preferences of
individuals going to and from Palm Beach and creates itineraries that
allow the cost of a private jet to be shared. This way people who only
need a portion of all the seats on an aircraft can share the benefits
and efficiency of a business jet charter with similar like-minded folks
whose travel needs coincide with theirs.

There is no
membership cost or obligation for participation in the Florida Easy
programme. Users simply log onto the web site, enter their travel
information such as departure date, return date and number of
passengers in a database. As and when that information corresponds with
that of another individual or an empty leg that becomes available, the
flight planner from Chartright contacts the interested parties with the
opportunity to share a private jet.


And how much does this
service cost? That will vary depending upon the size of the aircraft
being used and the number of people traveling, however some sample
prices have been calculated based upon current operating figures. As an
example, five individuals returning to Toronto on a light jet that has
been pre-positioned to Palm Beach could expect to pay $2,000 each. Or
three passengers flying to Palm Beach on a mid-sized jet that returns
empty to Toronto could expect to pay $10,000 each. In some cases the
real efficiency will come from use of aircraft that otherwise were on
an empty leg.

Chartright recently added a Citation III to
their management fleet. This aircraft is perfect for the Florida Easy
traveler offering eight to nine passengers the range, comfort and speed
they want at a smaller sized jet price. What makes this particular
Citation unique is the optional seating capacity. It has been given a
higher density interior that will accommodate up to 13 passengers in a
corporate shuttle type seating arrangement. For shorter trips this will
be a very effective and attractive option to companies needing to go
Toronto to New York or Montreal and back in a day.

With the
Florida Easy programme, passengers will be notified at least three
weeks in advance of their flight ­ and possibly earlier. Once they are
contacted by Chartright, the flight is guaranteed. Service is provided
through Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) in Florida and Toronto
Pearson International Airport in Toronto (YYZ).

And for those
not staying in Palm Beach itself but within the region, Chartright will
even arrange limousine transportation to any point within a 90 minute
drive of Palm Beach Airport ­ free of charge! Even small pets are
permitted on board the aircraft. And as for those who do not wish to
share their trip with others, they still have the option to purchase
the entire aircraft for any given flight.

The Florida Easy
programme is even taking into consideration special events that occur
in the Palm Beach region over the winter months. Currently the web site
is cross promoting the Palm Beach Jewellry & Antique Show ­
reported to be the largest vetted art, antique and jewellry show in the
United States. Other similar events will also be tied to the site as
they are announced.

The world of corporate aircraft continues
to grow and develop ­ both in Canada and around the world. The vision
and forethought of firms like Chartright is helping to build on this
groundswell and continually bring new users to the system. Those who
charter once, usually get hooked and charter repeatedly ­ especially
once they sample the efficiency, quality of service, safety and
dependability that firms like this can provide. Programmes such as
Florida Easy just make it that much more appealing for first timers and
veterans alike to put these services to work. And a first timer today ­
could be an owner tomorrow ­ especially as the scheduled and commercial
carriers continue to frustrate those with the means to travel in an
alternative manner.


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