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TACA receives qualification for Mechtronix A320

March 17, 2010, Montreal - Mechtronix Systems Inc. today announced the successful Level D certification of TACA Airlines' A320 FFS X.

March 17, 2010  By CNW

 The simulator manufactured by Mechtronix Systems enables the airlines' pilots to train at base of operations translating into enhanced training capabilities and efficiency while substantially saving on travel costs and time off the line. At customer's request, the evaluation was performed by both the Salvadorian aviation authorities, AAC, and the Spanish aviation authorities, DGAC, for the EASA regulations.
"We are very pleased to have received the Level D qualification for our brand new simulator and we see this acquisition as a key investment bringing us the flexibility in operations we were looking for as we no longer have to send our pilots away for training. Furthermore we are able to design and perform programs and training sessions tailored to our flight crews' specific needs and that go far beyond the minimum requirements set by the regulatory framework; this is a real gain in training capability, quality and efficiency", said Jorge Solares, VP of Flight Operations at TACA Airlines (TACA). "We selected Mechtronix as they proved to be the leading providers of training solutions today with relevant experience in the design and manufacturing of next generation simulators for the Airbus Series."
"We are very proud that TACA chose Mechtronix A320 FFS X(TM) to be able to "Train@Home", said Mechtronix Systems President Hervé. "It is a pleasure to help growing airlines become independent with their training curriculum and allow them to own their simulator. Our "Train@Home" business model proves again to have great results worldwide including Latin America; TACA joins the growing group of Mechtronix' customers. This successful qualification further demonstrates Mechtronix' ability to provide today's airlines and training centers with proven and reliable state-of-the-art pilot training equipment."


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