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Take Flight Video Productions’ DVDs

rot_reelTake Flight Video Productions creates DVDs, focusing on individual air carriers, detailing the daily lives of pilots, and engineers in the industry.

February 18, 2009  By Stacy Bradshaw

rot_reelFeb. 15, 2009 – Take Flight videos are made for the aviation enthusiast. Whether they they be seasoned pilots or a newcomers to this exciting industry, they will have the opportunity to put themselves in the pilot’s seat of any of a number of featured aircraft.

Each production is created from a pilot’s view. The Real Life Aviator Video Series features worldwide airlines—the people who work within, the places they fly to, and the remarkable aircraft they operate.

Programs are filmed by the Executive Video Producer who is also a professional pilot.

Before these DVDs are released, hundreds of hours go into planning, filming and editing.


Aviating and technical information aside, Take Flight Video Productions also tries to incorporate aviation careers into its series. They give insight into the lives of aviation professionals and the careers they lead.


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