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Transwest Air joins Air Georgian’s SOAR program

Air Georgian’s SOAR program for aviation career awareness, recruitment and retention continues to grow with the addition of Transwest.

March 8, 2018  By Air Georgian

The partnership provides a career pathway for Transwest pilots to join Air Georgian with an entry into the Air Canada network.

“Transwest is thrilled to join SOAR. The program provides an excellent opportunity for our pilots to advance their careers within the Air Canada family,” said Carla Wayman, director of flight operations at Transwest.

“The partnership will serve as a recruitment and retention tool while providing a fast-tracked pathway to Air Canada for our pilots.”

“We are very excited to welcome Transwest Air to SOAR,” said Julie Mailhot, COO at Air Georgian. “This mutually beneficial partnership will offer a defined path for pilots to gain experience with a dynamic regional airline and prepare them for their ultimate career goal of becoming a major airline pilot.”


SOAR is designed to provide partnered operators and flight schools with predictable, timed attrition with extended notice periods while providing their employees visibility regarding career progression with an entry point to the Air Canada system.

SOAR (Sharing Opportunities for Advancement and Reward) is comprised of three initiatives:

  • Raising awareness of careers in aviation for high school students;
  • Working with flight schools and 703/704 operators to recruit pilots into Air Georgian, and;
  • Providing career fulfillment and advancement opportunities for all employees.

All Air Georgian pilots are guaranteed an interview with Air Canada through a PMA. Up to 40 per cent of Air Georgian pilots will advance to Air Canada in 2018, providing the fastest path for pilots to Air Canada.


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