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Korean Air orders Mechtronix simulator

July 5, 2011, Montreal - Mechtronix Systems Inc. today announced that Korean Air (KAL) has placed an order for a B737-900 Full Flight Trainer to expand its training capacities for their growing fleet of B737NG aircraft.

July 5, 2011  By Carey Fredericks

The unit will be installed at Korean Air’s flight training center in Seoul, South Korea. The simulator, to be delivered at the end of 2011, provides a type-specific flight deck and will be used as part of KAL B737NG type rating and endorsement training. Sessions traditionally carried out in an FFS will now be transferred to the fully customized Flight Training Device. The Mechtronix FFT™ will support systems integration and procedures training in normal, non-normal and emergency modes. The airline will seek FAA FTD Level 5 qualification with the Korean Ministry of Construction and Transportation (KMTC).
“We are honored to equip a national flag carrier and ivy-league airline like Korean Air and enable them to optimize training by transferring sessions in the FFT™ that are traditionally done in an FFS,” stated Mechtronix President, Xavier Hervé. “Following the installation of two flight training devices at Korea Aerospace Universitydedicated to train KAL’s cadets, this will be the third Mechtronix simulator in South Korea adding to our many references in Asia. We are excited once again to further contribute to the expansion of B737NG flight training capacities in the region.”
The B737-900 FFT™ is a type-specific aircraft cockpit featuring 100% of the aircraft systems. Equipped with a User-friendly Windows based instructor operating station, the FFT™ allows the pilots to view and manipulate all panels, controls, indicators and displays within the flight deck. The state-of-the-art device will be used forMCC/CRM training, Line Oriented Flight Training, systems integration and procedures training as part of Initial Type Rating.


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