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Garmin Pilot adds Graphical Airspace and Obstacle NOTAMs

November 23, 2020  By Wings Staff

New features to the Garmin Pilot v10.3 include Graphical Airspace and Obstacle NOTAMs for pre-flight planning and situational awareness. (Photo: Garmin)

Garmin International introduced new features to the Garmin Pilot application for Apple mobile devices, offering the ability to reference graphical airspace and obstacle NOTAMs during pre-flight planning and for increased situational awareness inflight.

Additional features include an enhanced user interface for Profile View, explains Garmin, providing pilots with faster access to information like weather and PIREPs. The company has also introduced Pinch-to-Zoom capabilities.

The newest release of Garmin Pilot, version 10.3 for Apple mobile devices is available in the Apple App Store as a free download for the first 30 days, with an annual subscription starting at US$79.99.

Graphical Airspace NOTAMs
Airspace NOTAMS are now available as a graphical overlay on the map and can be depicted as a circle or other shape with the type and associated altitude of the NOTAM labeled for even more clarity depending on the selected zoom level.


NOTAMs that are scheduled to become active in the next 24 hours are displayed in yellow to help alert pilots in advance and aid with flight planning, with a brighter contrast for areas showing upcoming restricted airspace. Active airspace NOTAMs are colour-coded depending on the following classifications:

• Red – Restricted and Danger NOTAMs, such as Prohibited Areas;
• Orange – Alert and Warning NOTAMs, including Military Operation Areas (MOA);
• Gray – Flight Data Center (FDC) NOTAMS such as Instrument Approach Procedure changes; and
• Purple – Other NOTAMs such as Parachute Jumping areas.

For convenience, Garmin explains airspace NOTAMs can be viewed from either the map or flight plan page by selecting the NOTAMs layer from the map overlays menu. Pilots can view NOTAMs in both decoded and raw text by selecting the NOTAM segment in the radial menu. Further, NOTAMs may also be viewed by selecting the NOTAMs widget in spilt-screen mode.

Garmin has added a quick-access bar and Pinch-to-Zoom capability in Flight Profile View for Garmin Pilot v10.3. (Photo: Garmin)

Graphical Obstacle NOTAMs
Obstacle NOTAMs use pink obstacle figures on the map in order to differentiate obstacle NOTAMs from permanent obstacles and are displayed anytime the NOTAM or obstacle layer is enabled.

Those obstacles that have since been removed are displayed for reference as a pink “X.” Obstacle NOTAMs are available from the map or flight plan page by selecting overlays from the map layer icon with the ability to be viewed in both decoded and raw text by selecting the obstacle segment in the radial menu. Also, Garmin explains for convenience pilots have the ability to view an Obstacle NOTAM list from the airport page and by tapping the map icon for a selected NOTAM, jump to that NOTAM right on the map.

Enhancements to the Flight Profile View
Garmin explains the new quick access bar in the Flight Profile View allows pilots to display critical flight information such as weather, PIREPs, and traffic from compatible Garmin ADS-B traffic sources with just a single touch. Using the new and simple Pinch-to-Zoom capability, pilots now have the ability to more seamlessly review parts of the flight by focusing on a particular segment in the Profile View while still being able to reference the basic flight profile above.


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