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GuestLogix and JETERA sign agreement to deliver ads

Sept. 30, 2009 –Toronto and Danbury, CT – GuestLogix, Inc. and JETERA Inc. today announced a strategic agreement to provide personalized advertising on receipts printed by GuestLogix POS handhelds and viewed on devices used by travellers.

September 30, 2009  By Carey Fredericks

Sept. 30, 2009 –Toronto and Danbury, CT – GuestLogix, Inc. and JETERA Inc. today announced a strategic agreement to provide personalized advertising on receipts printed by GuestLogix point-of-sale (POS) handhelds and viewed on devices used by travellers. The ads are delivered via JETERA’s patent pending targeted content delivery system through GuestLogix’ latest merchandising service to airlines, Ads by OnTouchTM, and the receipts are automatically generated whenever a passenger makes a purchase via GuestLogix.
“Destination-based, personalized receipt advertising is a brand new onboard advertising category,” said Tom Douramakos, President and CEO, GuestLogix. “JETERA provides the best of breed technology to allow our airline customers and merchandising partners to take advantage of dynamic advertising through Ads by OnTouchTM. By providing personalized and actionable offers based on various passenger attributes, such as but not limited to, date, destination, gender or class of service, we can enhance the value of airline advertising and significantly grow the revenues generated by each passenger trip.”
Ads by OnTouchTM represents the single largest channel for advertisers to reach the world’s most affluent consumers. At any moment in time there are two million passengers in the air and over a year’s time these trips represent nearly 90 percent of the world’s wealth. The initial launch will provide dynamic advertising on receipts produced by more than 20,000 GuestLogix POS handhelds onboard global carriers serving more than 800 million passenger trips. The volume of receipts onboard is increasing rapidly as the GuestLogix onboard transaction engine enables purchases of food and beverage, duty-free and catalogue shopping, transportation vouchers and many other destination-based entertainment offerings. The plan is to integrate the new advertising service with in-flight entertainment systems and other OnTouchTM services deployed on travellers’ mobile devices.
“We are extremely pleased to be working with GuestLogix to provide a new ancillary revenue opportunity to the world’s airlines,” stated Jeff McChesney, President and CEO, JETERA.  “Our combination will allow us to quickly provide destination-based and date-based offers to passengers while traveling. Our targeted advertising engine provides increased value to the passenger experience, much needed revenue to airlines and more effective advertising for brands. It all starts with the passengers; give them offers they need – when they need them – and everyone wins.”
JETERA’s patent-pending system combines future travel reservation data with publicly available demographic and preference data to generate rich customer profiles. Using unique pricing-model segmentation and combining it with proprietary analytics, JETERA is able to place each traveller into extremely well-defined marketing groups. This enables marketers to select the best prospects, and align their messages with the people mostly likely to buy their products and services. JETERA’s ad insertion and ad targeting technology, known as Precision Ads–POS, is being integrated with the GuestLogix onboard retail transaction engine which supports OnTouchTM.
OnTouchTM is the new merchandising platform developed by GuestLogix to leverage its substantial onboard transaction solution installed base with major global airlines. OnTouch™ includes a suite of travel-relevant products and services that help travellers get more of their trip, by making it as effortless as possible to access the things that make travel so infinitely rewarding. Airlines can mix and match products and services to provide unique customer value propositions, drive deeper passenger engagement, and produce new profitable revenues.
JETERA has developed a patent-pending method for advertisers to deliver 1-to-1 direct marketing, finally connecting travellers with offers that are personalized to their interests, and perfectly timed with their itinerary. Offers can be delivered through multiple points during each individual’s travel experience, including direct mail, email, mobile phones, kiosks, interactive seatback screens and point-of-sale devices. Founded in 2007, the company is majority owned by Venture Capital and Consulting Group LLC. For more information please visit .
About GuestLogix
GuestLogix (TSX-V: GXI) is the leading provider of onboard retail technology and solutions to the passenger travel industry. Through its industry standard onboard transaction processing engine, the Company provides carriers the tools to become successful onboard retailers and by way of its OnTouchTM merchandising platform it facilitates innovative products and services to enhance passenger experience and propel ancillary revenue growth. With a customer base comprising 9 of the top 11 global airlines GuestLogix maintains contracts to serve more than 35 per cent of the world airline passenger traffic via its proprietary platform based on the 2008 passenger data compiled by Air Transport Intelligence (ATI).  Additional information on the Company can be found at and .


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