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GuestLogix expands its platform capabilities

May 29, 2012, Toronto - As airlines introduce popular consumer mobile devices for use by cabin crew onboard in order to increase operational efficiencies, GuestLogix  today announced the availability of its popular onboard retailing technology for smartphones and tablets running on iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

May 29, 2012  By Carey Fredericks

"GuestLogix is proud to propel innovation to meet the growing needs of the airline industry with state-of-the-art retail technology," said Tom Douramakos, President and CEO of GuestLogix. "We have seen a shift with some airlines provisioning consumer mobile devices to crew members to perform a variety of operational tasks onboard from supplying frequent flyer profiles to submitting customer complaints. Now, these airlines are able to extend the use of these devices to become secure POS terminals with all the key functionality that GuestLogix is known for."

The new development offers a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) which enables individual solution components such as product browsing, check-out or payment functions to be used independently. The solution is now available in a variety of languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Airlines will be able to use internally developed graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to communicate with each of the GuestLogix' services or they can opt to use a GUI developed by GuestLogix.

"While there is still a strong dependence on GuestLogix' handheld POS devices for in-flight sales, we have always been, at our core, a full solutions company," added Brett Proud, EVP, New Markets and Products, GuestLogix. "Providing airlines with the flexibility to use our leading onboard retail software and payment processing capabilities on any device of their choosing was a natural extension for GuestLogix and is already being widely embraced in each region that we operate."



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