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The Conair Q400MR

The Conair Q400MR

The World’s Most Versatile, Multi-Role Airtanker and Emergency Response Solution

Sécurité Civile in France was faced with replacing their nine S-2s that were approaching their structural life limit of 25,000 hours. Their goal was to acquire specialized aircraft that could carry more water or retardant, reduce operating costs, and serve in a multi-role capacity. The solution was an order for six new build Q400MR air tankers through Conair. Conair sourced the aircraft from Bombardier/De Havilland and converted the airframes into the Q400MR modification to achieve the multi-role requirement.

With its capacity, speed, performance and safety, the Conair Q400MR Airtanker is ideally suited to emergency response roles. Capable of quick reconfiguration for use in airtanker, cargo, passenger, combi-transport, or medical evacuation missions, the specialized aircraft features an advanced constant flow Retardant Delivery System (RDS) with a tank capacity of 10,000 litres / 2,642 gallons; is holder of 3 ‘Climb to Time’ turbo prop records, translating into reduced mission time; has the lowest fuel burn per gallon hauled of a typical Type 1 airtanker; and is tactically flexible with ability to operate from most 1,524 meter / 5,000 foot runways, performing consistent drop speeds in steep terrain using superior Turbo prop control. The Q400 is also available in the A400AT Type 2 Airtanker modification, designed exclusively for aerial firefighting.

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